Brought up to understand the value of hard work and dedication. Through the Idea of Progress, I understand that life can be - what we wish it to be.

To build a planetary civilisation - it takes: vision, passion, and dedication, with a belief in progress, science / technology, and human endeavour – encompassed in a rich, thriving culture.

Surround yourself with successful people, and you'll become successful yourself. Know what you want, and prioritise. Imagine what it could be like in the future. Imagine how better off we can all be.

Determine what needs improvement and what doesn't. Acquire feedback. Make SMART goals [specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound].

When all you do is work; with no work-life balance - you'll find that hard lines are drawn.


Project Management Triangle


Ask yourself, what do you really want to achieve.

I'm focused on elevating to such a point - where I actually appear unbeatable to my competition. Whereby I can look at what I've accumulated; both respect and fear from others.

From designing proportionate websites to coding insightful lines - leading to the point; I set out to dominate the subject I pick. My goal is to be a formidable opponent to my competition;

I must be unbeatable.


You have a year's amount of work to complete; you work hard to complete it within one month.

Instead of resting for the rest of the year - you complete next year's work in the next month. By the end of the year, you've completed twelve years of work in one year. This rate of progress is additive. This underlines who I am.

Consider the point: people all over the world are working; due to time zones, the world literally doesn't sleep. Thus, if you rest while others work - you constantly lower yourself. You've got no time to rest; others aren't resting - there's progress to be made.

Others are raising the bar, so in turn you must raise it higher. Otherwise your below others.


People that rise from the bottom are always more ruthless.

More resilient, more independent than people at the top; they'll envy my endeavour. Poverty is a powerful motivator. By having wealth, you're less likely to focus on what matters. Labour carries a price tag; be cunning in the way that resources (people) are used.

Accumulate people with a wealth of experience / knowledge - then notice the automatic accumulation of wealth. (Hear the money machine clicking.)

No capital is needed to have a vision for the business.


Standard equals below standard; which in turn, equals worthless.

The highest standard, exclusive or, nothing at all.